Artist's Statement

All my life I've been interested in the world around me as well as my reactions and those of others to it, especially the aesthetic and emotional reactions evoked by photographs.  As a child in the early 1950s I spent many pleasant hours "mind traveling" through time and space with Life magazine, National Geographic, the Encyclopedia Britannica and with boxes of family photos from the late 1800s through World War II.  But the idea that I might create photographs as art or evocative expression didn't present itself until I got older.

After a career using the left side of my brain almost exclusively, it's refreshing to give the right side some exercise as well.  Digital photography and printing provide a great mix of growth, technical challenge and creative energy at this stage in my life.

I want to share some images I've captured while living and exploring in the western United States, Europe and Asia.  My hope is that you will step inside them, "mind travel" and find something to enjoy.

Biographical Info

I'm a freeelance photographer located in Santa Fe, NM.  I make images mainly for my own enjoyment, of places, people, and things that interest me in both wild and urban environments.

My wife, Linda, and I met while we were students at the University of Texas.  We've been married since 1965, and we've lived in various parts of the United States, Germany, Turkey and China.

My working life included over thirty years managing engineers in the computer industry, mainly in operating systems software development.  In addition, I was an adjunct instructor of business and computer science courses for about ten years.  I retired from Sun Microsystems in 2008.

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